We focus solely on the management of privately owned and operated aircraft worldwide and are simply here to make your life easier.

AT KJET you won’t find a boardroom full of shareholders or an endless stream of charter customers, what you will find is a perfectly formed team of aviation specialists who only care about doing what’s best for our aircraft owners, always.

Our approach to doing business focuses on creating positive experiences each and every day.

Our Vision

To be the company that best understands the needs of our aircraft owners and to surpass expectations by creating a service our clients feel is exclusively theirs.

Our Mission

To provide the personalised attention you would expect from a smaller firm at exceptional value, and stringently upholding aviation regulations and commitment to safety.


At KJET, we believe there is a better way to do business.

A more nimble, less bureaucratic approach where your aircraft ownership journey aligns with your purpose. We’re obsessively passionate about it. Putting your aviation needs at the centre of our thinking, our team is committed and work tirelessly to ensure you feel we are here exclusively for you.

KJET Aircraft Management Team

We believe that the ‘one size fits all’ commoditises a service in an industry that is anything but. Our clients are far from ‘standard’ and nor would we want them to be.

Our quality over quantity approach is core to our company ethos and means we can be completely dedicated in the pursuit of creating an aircraft ownership experience that is truly enjoyable.

We are agile and relentless when it comes to achieving economical and operational efficiencies.

We uphold discretion, always, and have an enduring dedication to supporting your operational requirements whilst upholding our commitment to safety.

Charlie and Alan - KJET Aircraft Management Pilots
Kirsty Wheeler and Alan Hudson - KJET Aircraft Management

Our promise is to achieve results by doing things differently. To produce better outcomes more efficiently.

We do this by having a lean organisation and philosophy. Our team has focus and clarity with everyone working towards creating the best outcome for our owners.


We’re a high-performing, hand-selected team of subject matter experts and industry professionals that always get the job done right.

A nimble unit that can easily pivot in response to the changing needs of our clients and the world around us. As a team, we truly value our clients and are here to create lasting relationships built on trust and deep understanding.

It’s a pleasure to meet you.

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    As a former UK military helicopter instructor and squadron commander, Charlie is a seasoned pilot with 18 years of flying experience. His career has seen him operate a multitude of helicopter types across different continents, flying battlefield helicopters during military missions, and undertaking search and rescue flights. Charlie brings substantial knowledge and experience to the KJET team and supports both helicopter and jet operations.

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    Kirsty is a business aviation specialist with 16 years’ experience operating a variety of business jet aircraft globally. During her career she has actively been involved in growing and building companies and most recently co-founded KJET with Alan Hudson. Her experience includes managing Ultra Long Range aircraft worldwide, purchase & sale transactions, setting up ownership structures and advising on appropriate operating models for clients (AOC vs Private). Kirsty holds a first class bachelor’s degree with Honours in Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration from the Imperial College London Business School.

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    Alan has an extensive aviation career spanning 40 years. His background includes UK military service flying helicopters, fixed-wing surveillance and heavy transport aircraft, before a tour flying Corporate Jets in the RAF Royal Squadron. His service included a tour of duty in Hong Kong, Brunei, the Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan. He received a Queens Commendation for valuable service in the air. His corporate career has seen him fly Gulfstream, Falcon and DO328 aircraft and his management posts include Chief Pilot, Line Training Captain and CRM instructor.

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    Louise has spent the past 18 years working in a variety of flight operations roles that include global taskings for a large fixed-wing air transport fleet, helicopter and low flying operations and airfield management. Her expertise includes worldwide flight planning, flight crew duty oversight and management, overflight route planning and managing air transport aircraft operations.

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    Ben, a former Royal Navy Office and graduate of the Britannia Royal Navy College, has 16 years working as a pilot in the aviation industry, the last 12 in management positions of various types. He has held the post of Safety and Compliance Manager at several AOCs in the past and has managed the implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) at many others. Ben is very excited to be involved in the development of KJET and greatly looks forward to its success, which he is certain rests within the highly skilled management team, and the processes defined by its company culture.

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    Angharad is a marketing specialist who works with various clients in the leisure and aviation industry, helping grow their business through brand strategies and sales funnels. After spending 6 years in a full mix marketing role in the leisure industry Angharad knows the different elements to position a brand to drive maximum conversions for increased sales. Angharad has been awarded a BA Honours degree in Business Management, CIM professional qualification in Marketing, Conversion Funnel Mastery certificate and continues to keep learning.

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Trust, Integrity and Commitment. These are the characteristics that influence our every move.

We know that being asked to manage your aircraft is more than a commercial contract. It’s a measure of trust. Our commitment to you is to never break that trust, to always ensure your aircraft is airworthy, your needs are met, and that you, your family and your passenger’s journey, from start to finish, is fulfilled with care, attention and most importantly safely.

We are dedicated to putting our clients’ needs and aviation requirements at the forefront of our thinking because our values are deeply ingrained in everything we do.

  • Trust core value


    We build trust in every situation through consistent responsible action. Our actions are honest, fair and knowledgeable which are the foundations of our relationships.

  • Integrity core value


    We are committed to the highest standards and strive to achieve them even when situations are difficult. Our actions and words are based on what we believe is the best outcome and never intentionally misleading.

  • Commitment core value


    We are 100% committed to delivering the KJET service promise even in the face of adversity. We aim to enhance and build upon our client relationships through our dedication and commitment by continuously improving, growing and offering the best services possible for our clients.


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