Aircraft Interior Design and Refurbishment

From planning and layout design to 3D visualisation and installation, our partners at Farnborough Aircraft Interiors will give your aircraft a new lease of life.

Whether that be a complete redesign or the smallest of repair. As wizards in aircraft interior design and refurbishment, you will be supported with the best workmanship and finest materials, so you can be sure the quality of build is maintained to the highest of standards.

You are welcome to visit the facility in Farnborough and experience this quality first hand, and your input is greatly encouraged throughout the whole process.

'Real craftsmanship, regardless of the skill involved, reflects real caring, and real caring reflects our attitude about ourselves, about our fellowmen, and about life.'

Spencer W. Kimball



Design management

Offering a complete and technically innovative design and management solution, to recreate a beautiful and elaborate space like no other.

As your imagination takes hold, watch your ideas transform from concept to reality. We’ll provide you with a complete range of design services including space planning and layout design, concept design and 3D visualisation, as well as upholstery and joinery design, for both new and refurbished aircrafts.

These services are also offered individually giving you maximum flexibility.

Aircraft travel as you know it will never be the same.

From space planning to installation

Aircraft interior design. From planning and layout design to 3D visualisation and installation, our partners at Farnborough Aircraft Interiors will give your aircraft a new lease of life.

Choose from 100's of samples

Aircraft Interior Design. Samples of materials for aircraft
Sampling warehouse

Drawing on thirty years of experience, Farnborough Aircraft Interiors know a thing or two about exquisite style. Only the finest, hand selected materials are used to facilitate a stylish and luxurious, yet comfortable interior.

Farnborough Aircraft Interiors are passionate about bringing your ideas to life and welcome you to sample a huge selection of fabrics, quality leather, contemporary new materials and bespokely made carpets that are on site.

Styling and mood boards, as well as examples of previous work, are on display to help you make your decision.

Aircraft Seating

You don’t have to sit down and shut up here! As the process begins of redesigning, rebuilding and stripping down the seating to its bare frame, we welcome you to try the seating, foam and padding, so to help us better understand your specific requirements and specifications, including lumber support and style.

The endless supply of samples, style boards and examples of past projects makes choosing your materials and style choice, not only enjoyable but easy and helps to visualise the end result.

However, if a full refurbishment is not required and you only need a few marks removed or rips repaired, then a leather restoration and repair service can be offered instead.

Full refurbishment or simple restoration

Aircraft seating for private jet

Instantly revitalises your aircraft

KJET. Lining and panels for private jet
Linning and panels

If you do not require a full transformation and only wish to revitalise your aircraft, you will be amazed by how new your jet will look by simply refurbishing the lining panels and the ‘Passenger Service Unit’ which are situated above each row in the overhead panel above the passenger seats.

From an extensive choice of materials and colour schemes available in our sample room, you can choose between traditional silks and leathers, to the more contemporary materials such as Ultraleathers, Ultrasuedes and Deconel – which is a new concept in decorating panel lining material.

Exquisite carpet choice

Farnborough Aircraft Interiors are so versatile that not only can you choose between off the shelf carpet selections, but with the help of designers you can create your own bespoke designed carpet, mats and runners!

Carpet materials are selected using the finest natural yarns in the word and as suppliers for all aircraft sizes and models, both fixed and rotary wing, all products are EASA/FAA certified.

Visit the warehouse for the full selection.

Bespoke carpets, mats and runners

Aircraft Interiors - Huge choice of luxury carpets

Choose from an extensive range

Aircraft Interiors - Fittings and hardware for aircraft
Fittings and fixtures

The intricate details from the cup holders, the digital display system for your music and movies, reading lights, air conditioning vents, speakers and amongst other things, are fitted to the highest of standards by fully skilled and experienced individuals.

There is an array of aircraft interior fixtures and fittings to choose from and again your input is greatly welcomed, even down to the smallest of details.

Cabinetry and furniture

As a fully customizable operation, the team can produce, install and repair custom cabinets and furniture.

Working from pre-designed or custom drawings for your specific requirements, the creative team will match all finishes and surfaces to the rest of the aircraft’s interiors, transforming your jet for a complete wow factor. Only the most quality veneers and woods are used.

For scratches and minor repairs, a mobile repair kit team can glady carry out these repairs in situ and at your convenience.

From customisable furniture to repairs in situ

KJET. Aircraft Interiors and Cabinetry. As a fully customizable operation, the team can produce, install and repair custom cabinets and furniture.

Safe and sound with appropriate certification

KJET. Aircraft Interiors - Aircraft seat belts
Seat Belts

It’s good to know you are in safe hands with a company who prides themselves on quality and safety standards. All buckles and belts, safety harnesses and restraints, are supplied by the leading and approved manufactures, together with the appropriate certifications.

As a fully integrated design solution, even the smallest details are taken care of, from the colour of the webbing to the plating of the buckle can be customised.

No detail has been left unturned.

Metal finishes

Quality finishes include:

  • Bright Polished Finish. A mirror-like opulent finish achieved by using a process which gradually brings the metal to a shine.
  • Satin Finish. A contemporary brushed finish in various grades of coarseness. It’s resistance to marking makes it ideal for items that are frequently handled.
  • Matt Finish. A Bead Blasting method is used for texturing and producing attractive cosmetic finishes.
  • Spray Lacquering Coating Finish. Following the finishing process, for extra durability, the metal can be coated with lacquer.
  • Custom Finishing. Where you require to match an existing item.

Polished|Satin|Matt|Spray Lacquering|Custom

Aircraft Interiors - Various metal finishes for aircraft

Using thermal and acoustic materials

Aircraft Interiors - Sound proofing for aircrafts
Sound Proofing

Farnborough Aircraft Interiors have a selection of thermal and acoustic materials as well as a line of Aerocoustic Sound Solutions that meet both the Radiant Panel Flammability test and vertical and horizontal burn test requirements. Thermal and acoustic materials include:

  • Insulation strip blankets
  • Over-frame blankets
  • Nomex carpet underlay.

To maximise noise reduction with minimal weight gain, EASE (Engineered Acoustically Suppressed Environment) Systems that meet the Radiant Panel Flammability test can also be used.

Exterior Painting

As experts in the industry, only the best and competivitly priced paint shops for your aircraft’s location will be recommended.

Before painting commences, the interior will be carefully removed.

Unrivaled technical expertise and experience ensure that all work is completed on time and on budget.

Paintshop close to your aircraft's location

Aircraft painting. As experts in the industry, only the best and competitively priced paint shops for your aircraft’s location will be recommended.

Quick, easy and cost effective restoration

leather restoration for aircraft seating
Leather Restoration

The seating area tends to take the heaviest amount of use and therefore is prone to scratches, marks and general wear and tear, this alone can make your aircraft look older than it should.

To make your aircraft look newer again and assuming you don’t require a complete refurbishment, a simple blending technique by trained professionals can bring your leather seats back to life again.

This restoration can be done quick and easy and in situ, saving you time and money.


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